Anton Òdena
Digital Design Studio

Trustnav Browser


Search for what you want, in private. Trustnav will never track you.

Trustnav was born to make the internet a better place by creating a safer browsing experience, free of distracting advertisements and invasive methods to track your every move. Launched in 2017, over 3 million people are already enjoying the benefits of using Trustnav.


Do you know who is watching what you do online?

Major search engines track what you search for, the type of devices you use, when you search, where you are searching from, the links you click, the ads you look at, the videos you watch and the images you view.


Call us crazy, but we think you deserve some privacy.

Search for whatever you want, wherever you want and look at what you please. When you use Trustnav, you can search in confidence. We will never track you.


Get more visual information with widgets.

We choose the most used searches to design an intuitive and minimal family of widgets like Amazon products, currency converter, stocks and crypto market, weather, encyclopedia and time.


As a newcomer with novel product, it was important to tell the Trustnav values and features.


Consistency across the product

One of our goals was the brand consistency across Trustnav. As a Software brand has different products that are split as a sub-brand. Each one has to be recognizable as Trustnav product.

Color Palette.png