Ramon cabin

Inspired by the Mediterranean coast, the mountains and the blue skies that we have in Catalonia, I designed a cabin that connects with nature and reflects my childhood. The white colours inside contrast with the wood to give light and harmony to the cabin, achiving a relax environment.


Essence and memmories

Childhood is the time for children to experiment and discover who they are. It is supposed to be a moment of your life when you enjoy and can witness the most wonderful things.

This lovely place is where I grew up and each single part has a story to tell. My family put hours and hours of effort and courage to keep it ready for me to live. Surrounded by olives trees, flowers and animals, every day was a new adventure, from hidden from pirates under a fruit tree to the recollect´ season with my cat Pipo - who wanted to eat all the nuts.

I still remember helping my grandpa produce our own olive oil and cooking our own food from our farm - A ritual that is still happening every year. As special as it sounds. 


Childhood and values

My family teach me lots of values, but the most important one for me is sharing what I have with the rest. I could be days writing all my memories, but why not sharing them with you?


The cabin

Our lovely cozy villa in Reus makes the best location between the beaches and the mountains. Best for couples or families, I want to make you part of all the memories that I have and share them with you - who wouldn't´t say no to a lovely bread with handmade olive oil and some fruit collected directly from the tree?

Our wood guest house is surrounded by a pool, garden and olives and fruit´s trees with its own style.

Our home is your home, and those who have already visited us have lived wonderful stories in Catalonia. In la Costa Daurada, you can find adventures for the whole family and discover what Catalonia taste like.


Idea and concept

Inspired by the mediterranean sea, the coast and the blue skies that we have in Catalonia, I chose white colours to contrast with the wood to give light and harmony to the cabin and have a relax environment for the guests. 


Design the space

Passionate about art and architecture, I developed the whole idea and I made it real. I designed the structure of the house to take profit of each single space inside and make it as more comfortable as possible.